Sunday, September 7, 2014


Not a thing exciting this week.

Leaving Sisters starts the return trip. It’s all south and east from here on. KoKo has been 5,700 miles so far. Our average parking cost has been $10.40. About the same as last year.

I closed the last post saying we decided not to trip and fall in a cave and would instead head west for 101 and turn south. That plan lasted almost an hour. As we descended the west side of the Cascades we decided to stop for a night at one of our fav CG’s, Paradise on the McKenzie River. We are nestled under a canopy of Doug Firs so that only a ray or two of sunlight reaches us. The river gurgles along and muffles all sound. Glorious.

15 paradise

While enjoying the forest, we remembered that we had not been to Tillicum Beach. One of our fav CG’s and also of everyone else with an RV. It’s still on reservations, but we figured what the heck we could try for a spot. We parked KoKo at the Three Feathers Casino in Florence and drove up to Tillicum in Rubi. No home for us there, but we enjoyed the ride along the coast on a crystal clear day.

We stayed a second night at Three Feathers, simply because we don’t want to get to California until Sunday so we can hopefully find a place to park. Freaking holidays. Drove all the way from Florence to Gold Beach in one day. It’s only 3.5 hours, but it took us several weeks to cover the same distance northbound. First stop was the fish store. Dorothy got three pieces of salmon and some ling cod. Having salmon tonight. They vacuum sealed the rest and it will be frozen. Parked on the Rouge River again.

We continued south a whole 37 miles stopping at Fred Meyer for gas and groceries before crossing into the Golden State. A marine layer moved in yesterday afternoon and the forecast is for it to hang around. Fog depresses us, so we are going to head inland and hope to dodge some fires and stay at some places on our bucket list since 2006. We will keep the coastal places on our list until another time.

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