Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Still On The Eastside - II

Continued from part I

06ah027Another sunrise in The Hills 



Morning Exercise


Wall Flowers


Sweet Home


Rock Art


This shot is not juiced. It is just as the ‘P’ setting saw the low sun.

We have enjoyed five very rare clear days here. No water vapor. I thought it was over at cocktails yesterday when I saw a big ole jetairoliner coming out of LA streaming a long contrail. Weather report confirmed a storm coming down from Oregon bringing snow and low temps for several days. Happily, the added water in the air did not materially obscure our views.

The storm cancels my plans to hike to a glacier lake that is not too far from the road as that road will be covered in 8 to 12 inches of snow. Most of the eastside lakes are too far and too high for me to make an attempt and I really wanted to make this one. And so it goes.

Of the many things I like about The Hills is the easy walking. Take off in any direction and meander around the interesting rocks. The surface is mostly clear, so keeping balance is easy.

OUCH! Gas prices have gone up 70 cents in a week here. We were so happy to come out of Death Valley and see $2.69. A week later the sign reads $3.39.

One or more Navy squadrons must be qualifying for deployment as they have been doing flight ops for over a week. We were on a back road the other day and by onezies and twozies they flew us by on the deck. Only one attacked us. After he finished his strafing run from behind, he put his wings vertical and flew by us. If I was a pilot I would know what that position is called. I really envy the fun they can have.

I am becoming convinced that my medical episode last week was altitude related. We had been at over 4,000 feet for three days, down to sea level, then to 5,000. I was not real perky at 4,000 and woke up at 5,000 feeling totally beat. After another week at 4,000 I have finally acclimated and feel great. Today, at the ghost town at 8,000 feet, I had little energy to walk more than 20 yards at time. Neither of us have ever acclimated to elevations over 7,000, even tho those are the places that most attract us. Getting old sucks.

Reading back over these rambling words, I must beg your indulgence at the common need for an old man to talk of himself.

Saturday – February 28 – The storm clouds passed through last night and it was another clear day. We considered going north this morning if our drugs arrived. We remain as the post office here is closed on Saturday. First thing today, we did the Arch loop walk. One spur to the trail starts feet from our parking spot, but we have gone in all other directions. Then into to town on some errands. After lunch and nap, I wanted to try again to locate the narrow canyon we “discovered” on our first trip here. There are so many trails here, you can be close but miss what you are seeking. After an hour of driving and hiking we finally found the place. The sun was way too low for pictures, so we hope Sunday will be another picture perfect day.

A BLM ranger stopped by and we enjoyed a log chat. He clued us about a hidden canyon with scarlet flowers. We recalled meeting him on a previous trip. He obviously likes his job. He has been here for nine years, the first two as a volunteer.


Pink Clouds This Morning


The Ever Popular Arch That Frames Mt. Whitney


The Love Rock?


Along The Trail

Sunday – March 1 – We heard what we took for rain for a minute or so around 8pm last night. We woke to see The Hills dusted with snow this morning. For a brief time, the sun peaked through the heavy clouds and then suddenly the clouds descended to the deck. We are pleased to have brought winter to the area. It was 33 at 6am. By 8:30, the snow was almost gone. The clouds remained and the mountains were submerged all day.

Monday – March 2 – We packed up and went into Lone Pine to pick up our drugs at the Post Office. Turned out our daughter never mailed them. And so it goes. We were out of food and needed to dump the black tank at 11 days, so we drove north to Bishop, the closest grocery store and dump. We decided to park at the fairgrounds, no scenery, but full hookups. Electricity will be nice with the coming cold air.

We got here a week or so late or a week or so early. Right in the middle of the only winter storm.  Chains are required to get over the pass to Eureka Dunes. Looks like that will stay on the bucket list. Bradford Pear and Lilac are in full bloom. Guess they don’t know winter is yet to arrive.

We decided to stay Tuesday and maybe Wednesday then we will regretfully turn south again and cross the mountains through Death Valley.

Worked on taxes today. Maybe they are done. My record keeping is so sloppy the last few years, the IRS sends me notices that I forgot this or that income.

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  1. Wonderful Photos. These are my favorite parts of the country. Having fun.