Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Valley Of Fire - TD

We are traveling from one fantastic place to another. We left The Eastside and crossed the Inyo mountains and down to the Saline Valley on CA168 eventually finding our way to US95 on the west side of Nevada. We did not see another car the last 23 miles. After four hours of mountain driving, we over-nighted in a rest area along the highway north of Las Vegas.

Going through Indian Springs the next morning there was a demonstration at a military base. This is where drones are piloted through-out the world. Several hundred rag-head sympathizers were assembled to protest killing innocents. They were well matched by at least 100 police, some mounted.

Our destination was the Valley of Fire State Park which is about 50 miles north east of  Las Vegas. It’s our first time here. This place has some fantastically colored and oddly eroded rocks. A wonderland of geology. It’s a little like Capital Reef, but with it’s own flavor. Even in March, the weather is delightfully warm.

Arriving at a state park on the weekend is looking for trouble, but we were in time to snag a prime space. We found a parking place that is U-shaped. High rock walls on three sides. Prefect privacy.

The first morning we hiked White Dome. The next morning, Fire Trail. We were by ourselves both days.

09Valley of Fire006Along the highway 

09Valley of Fire007 Along the highway 

09Valley of Fire008 Along the highway – Rainbow Vista

09Valley of Fire013

09Valley of Fire021 White Dome Trail

09Valley of Fire026 White Dome Trail

09Valley of Fire036

Fire Trail 

09Valley of Fire041

Fire Trail

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  1. Hi guys! I have been following your travels and we crossed paths a lot in the last few years. VoF, DV and Bishop/Eastside are all of our favorite places. Too bad we couldn't have met up, I think we missed each other by a few weeks. Oh well! Great photos Don, and Dorothy you look like you made a great recovery! Spring is bursting out here in Northern California, the birds are in spring plumage, trees blooming, flowers blooming. The only thing that says we are not in spring is the calendar!