Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Still On The Eastside

Friday – February 27 - We happily remain in The Hills. A place where most people spend an hour or two, we tarry. Not a soul has come up our road spur in a week. I half expected we would have another camper here today when we returned.

After taking more sunrise pictures, we were off to a place that has been on our bucket list for some years. Since this is a public blog, I will not mention the name as it’s private and sadly not well protected from the teaming masses. [If we know each other and you want to know, write me] It is the premier mining ghost town. Family squabbles prevent it from being put to it’s best use or protecting it for the future. Anywho, we were pleased to tour it and listen as the only resident regaled us with the history of the place.

We enjoyed Deadwood when it aired. We bought all three season to watch while we are off-the-grid. The Elizabethan-Victorian dialog and the sometimes Greek drama devices amuse us. David Milch is a treasure. Anywho, as Robert was talking about the shootings, whores, and saloons in the mining camp of 2,000 souls, it was easy to think of the similarities to Deadwood. He said that gunfire was so frequent, miners would sandbag their beds to prevent being killed while asleep.

07cerro gordo04Dorothy with Robert who is the sole and chief engineer, fixer-upper and bottle washer 07cerro gordo09 07cerro gordo12

07cerro gordo02Looking west at the Sierra Nevada. After three clear days, some water vapor returned07cerro gordo19Looking east, Saline Valley, Panamint Valley, Death Valley and into Nevada. 

07cerro gordo20 Perhaps the only picture you will see of a Joshua Tree in the mountains.


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