Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another Week in the Valley

wx rainy

Monday, February 6 – Rain - don’t need to say more because we didn’t do anything.

Tuesday, February 7 – The vegetable man arrived with lots of good veggies.  I bought delicious pink grapefruit for $0.25.  I also bought a jicama, which is good for something crunchy in salads and also for a vegetable tray and dip.  Bought a very large cucumber for $0.50.  And avocado’s at $0.50 each.  There were many things I wanted to buy but just don’t have room for.  This is a great place for fruit and vegetables.

We went to play cards last night and luckily took a double deck with us.  It seems that everyone had made plans so we wound up playing in Canasta with another man that had hoped to play Bridge.  None of us had played in 15 years or more, so it took a while for it to come back.  We didn’t keep score, so that made it very simple.

Wednesday, February 8 -  I did not feel well at all today, but forced myself to go to the margarita party hoping that it would improve my health.  After two margarita’s I still wasn’t any better, so we came back to rig and put on our jammies.

Thursday, February 9 -  Not a very exciting day, I did laundry.  It rained. Don took the jeep for service because the driver’s side window was hesitant about going up and down.  They found dirt in the mechanism - can’t believe we could possibly have dirt in there.  We’ve only been driving it off road in red dirt and sand.  After dinner, we played Mexican Train in the Rec Room  -  always fun.

Friday, February 10 - Our new saying, “Rain, rain go away”.

Saturday, February 11 – After eight overcast days, we woke to a blue sky.  This is what we paid our money to get.  First thing we did was go to the coffee/donut gathering.  We sat at a table of Canadians, but that’s not unusual for this park because probably half are from the different provinces.  The furthest would definitely be Nova Scotia.

After breakfast we went to the birding center.  Our favorite bird was the green jay. 

2 - RGV 001

2 - RGV 009

Some people really do dress their dogs up, which just doesn’t seem right somehow.  We really like the standard poodles, but tiny foo-foo’s were the majority.

2 - RGV 010

Our Pick To Win


wx partly cloudy

The clouds were back after lunch. Rain the next two days. To our friends in Alabama who wrote to tell us how great the weather was there - we pray the pox we put on your home will be gone by Spring.


  1. The orange bird is definitely an Altamira Oriole.

  2. We are mourning the weather with you! We hope we don't drown while we are here. WOW...only 51 right now. Crazy. We are leaving in three weeks...we have a ton still to see. Doesn't look good for today either. Try to enjoy the day! BLAH! ~wheresweaver

  3. Waiting for the next blog! Love the birds.