Thursday, February 2, 2012

On The Ranch

Saturday, January 21 - We arrive at Bill & Ruby Cope's cattle ranch. We are once again "camped" in their driveway where we have water, electricity and good friends.  We met them at South Mineral Campground in Silverton, CO a couple of years ago and they said, "come see us."  Well, of course, we did! We have had a good time getting to know them and spending time with them. They took us to Don Pedro's in Cuero for dinner. The food is good and the margaritas are better.
Sunday, January 22 - We each did some puttering around with household details that must be taken care of, whether at home or on the road. It's fun being on the ranch, cows walking around and there's also a goat, but he is fenced in. If you go over to him, then he talks to you, baa baa baa. We've decided that with rain coming, we will probably be here a few days longer than we planned. Ruby fixed us lunch of brisket, pinto beans, potato salad, slaw and pecan pie. It was yummy.
Monday, January 23 - The main thing today was getting me a haircut. I should have done it before we left, but just didn't get around to it. This cut seems pretty good. That's the thing about traveling, you might get a good cut or you might not, just depends on how lucky you are. Don started cooking spaghetti sauce for tomorrow's lunch. We are trying to have our big meal at lunch and a light dinner. We played cards while the spaghetti sauce simmered.
Tuesday, January 24 - Today was clean the oven and stove day. It's just like at home, but a much smaller space. Now the space in Koko is more manageable and I can find what I need. Even though we took a couple of short camping trips and stayed in the RV while waiting to get the house ready to move in, it's just not the same as being on the road. Now don't ask me how it's different, it just is somehow. Winchester the goat got out of his pen, so he was allowed free time. It was so much fun watching him. The dogs "chased" him and then he chased the dogs. And goats can really jump. The problem was that he wanted to get on the Jeep and if not the Jeep, then he decided it would be fun for him to come in the RV. Goats are fun to watch, but I really don't want one.
Wednesday, January 25 - It rained a little last night and then again this morning and then cooled off. We played Mexican Train before lunch, then Ruby made a good lunch for us. And this afternoon it was time for more Train. We have certainly had a fun time with Bill & Ruby. Hopefully they will come to the Valley for a few days next month.

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